Marvin Willard Loosle-Heckman (8)









George Dahle Loosle-Moyes (8)


Gladys Mary Loosle-Moyes

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Pat Loosle-Heckman


Brent Marvin Loosle-Abercrombie (:)

Tamara Loosle

Todd Garrett Loosle-Rowbury (:)

Korie Jensen-Loosle (:)

PICTURE: I also attached our family picture taken this year. I am at the top center, my wife Pat to my right, our oldest (unmarried) daughter Tamara to my left, our youngest son Todd top right of picture with wife Deone and 4 children on right side of picture, our son-in-law Clint Jensen top left of picture with wife Korie (our youngest daughter) in front and their 4 children on left side of picture, and our oldest son Brent and his wife Joan in front of me and their 8 children in the center of the picture.

Now a little about us: I was raised on a farm in Clarkston, Cache, Utah, USA (where my greatgrandfather settled). After 4 years in the US Air Force (1952-1956), I got an Electrical Engineering degree (1959). I was a design/development engineer for aircraft guidance equipment and retired in 1996. I went back to work part time starting in 2001 at the request of my former employer and am still working about 2 days per week. I had my 70th birthday earlier this year. My wife, Pat, developed heart trouble (cardiomyopathy) about the time I retired. She was almost ready to be put on a transplant list when she was put on a study that implanted an experimental bi-ventricular pacer about 1 1/2 years ago. Since that time her heart pumping ability has significantly improved although she still gets tired which limits her traveling somewhat.

We (Pat and I) made a trip to Switzerland about 1989 with the object of finding where our Loosli ancestors lived. We were directed from Eriswil to Schwendi to the Loosli farm where we met Elisabeth Loosli-Roethlisberger who had a boarder who could translate for us. She showed us her hand-written ancestors and descendants lists that was quite complete (she even had my Grandfather, Father, and my name on her list). I was very impressed how family oriented the Loosli families were in keeping track of everyone, even though we had been gone for over 200 years.

In March 1999, Gayla Fuhriman-Green (a Loosli descendant and a widow who is interested in family research) asked me if I could go with her to Switzerland. I agreed and also took my brother (Gaylen Loosle who is 10 years younger than me) and we spend about 11 days there. We stayed at the American Embassy in Bern (as Gayla had a nephew who was in charge of it) and traveled to the Emmental communities each day with an interpreter. In addition to where our Loosli families lived, we also found where another ancestor lived in the 1760's. When we went to the Gemainda house in Heimiswald (near Trachselwald), we found out that the man in charge was Frederick Aeschimann who had the same ancestor as us (through the Loosli-Kaeser line). He had restored the original home (that our common ancestors had lived in) in the late 1990's and was then living in it. He took us to the home and gave us a tour.

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